Traveling As A Necessity Instead of Luxury
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Traveling As A Necessity Instead of Luxury

I was talking to a friend recently who mentioned that traveling to different countries was a necessity in his life. While he used to treat it more as a luxury, he mentioned that seeing how so many of his friends have never been anywhere other than the province that they reside in has made them impassionate in exploring life.

He then asked me if I traveled a lot and I mentioned how I don’t really. I’m one of those people who constantly think of time as an investment and as a result I try to do a lot of active and thought provoking things each day. Speaking of traveling too, I wouldn’t be surprised if most people haven’t really explored their own home towns like how a tourist would as for most they are just stuck with a routine and go to the same areas/places every time.

I don’t know if I could ever see traveling as a necessity in regards to say going to every Disneyland in the world to see what it is like. I could only imagine something like that being a necessity if it was somehow attached to one’s career such as a news reporter or videographer. Plus when you attach the financial commitments involved you can’t help but to see it as an expense unless again it is career related.

If it was my intent to travel everywhere right now I would definitely try to find ways to make it a part of my lifestyle whether it’s creating a fun business idea or somehow using that to directly enhance the other activities in my life.

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