Transferring Software License To Save Money
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Transferring Software License To Save Money

Speaking of software, I was kind of surprised yesterday where a person was telling me he hated the fact that he had to re-buy a lot of his software due to the fact that he was buying a new computer. Essentially, usually these types of products allow you to install it on one computer and then after you need to buy additional licenses if you want it on other systems.

I was kind of surprised that he did not know that many times when it comes to these types of products you can simply phone in to the company in question and tell them that you would like to transfer your software license to a different computer. This includes items such as those widely used Microsoft Office programs. After I told him that he was definitely happy as he was able to save thousands.

So if you encounter that situation in the future don’t forget that little pointer which can save you a lot of money.

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