Training Under People Just For Marketing Purpose

Training Under People Just For Marketing Purpose

You would think when learning something like martial arts you would want to be taught by someone who is skilled and competent. Otherwise you could literally be learning impractical skills that may make you feel good but won’t actually help you should the time come where you need to defend yourself. But this is definitely not true for many where many times they spend thousands of dollars training under certain people or schools because to them it makes the best business sense to attract students for their own business endeavors in the future.

For example, Bruce Lee is clearly a famous martial artist that taught many people before he passed away. Afterwards, people who say they were trained by Bruce Lee receive extra demand from future students as the logic is if you were trained by the famous person then you must be good versus everyone else. I know a scenario where a person opened up a school and directly trained with a famous martial artist’s former protege. So he used that as his marketing gimmick to attract people. One day unfortunately that protégé passed away. The school then went on still of course. When asked if he felt the training was still good at the protégé’s school he mentioned he didn’t know but all he knew is that he trained with that protégé and everyone else after him doesn’t provide the same buzz which is what he wanted.

That’s crazy to think about where people aren’t more focused in becoming the best they can be even if it requires a different trainer for them as an example. But people in business do this all the time from what I see where they train with people and schools more for the resume than actual skill development. Because it works too I guess you can say from a marketing point of view for someone to stand out. That’s why whenever I see marketing pitches of how a person training under so and so I prefer to see what it is they have actually done themselves.

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