Training To Do Things Yourself If Possible To Save Money
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Training To Do Things Yourself If Possible To Save Money

This got me thinking recently as I was reading various comments from people who run a business and decided it’s time for them to try and produce videos for marketing in an effort to reach more people. As expected, this isn’t normally an area they are skillful in and so they are stuck util they find someone who can video edit as an example. But then there were those who actually trained to use a camera professionally to take great footage. However, they are constantly used to someone else editing the video which means for their personal projects they can’t get it going without help.

For these cases, would you be inclined to try everything you can to find qualify talent that you can trust or would you simply try and build your skills to the point where you can do just enough to get your work going? I am inclined to say unless you were specifically trying to create something for a customer, these situations may be a good opportunity to simply learn a new skillset. Like here, just editing a quick video as something shareable for people to see quickly.

From there on you may even get very good at it to the point where you can do it yourself for these kind of basic tasks. Kind of like cooking I guess. Imagine never trying to cook for yourself while being dependent on takeout and restaurant dining. If you are just doing it for yourself at first then it would be a good way to learn how to cook which would save you money.

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