Trading Security For Opportunity

Trading Security For Opportunity

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One of my family members today announced that he got a new job that will pay a lot more than with his current employer. Not only that, but it seems like he will have more opportunity to grow in the organization as well. The catch is that this job is initially a 3 month contract only.

While the odds are good that they will just place him in a different position after the 3 months, of course there are odds that there won’t be anything left afterwards. Hence, he is risking giving up his current job where he currently has security in for something that sounds more immediately promising.

That definitely would be a tough decision especially for a person who is married and has a kid. If I was in that situation I would probably go with the risk too in taking what seems to be the better opportunity in this scenario. The reason is that immediately the opportunity and financial gain seems to be a lot better and so with those odds it seems riskier to not do it.

If the only reason one would be thinking of changing is simply for the pay in this scenario then that would be a bit trickier as with that it seems wiser to simply try to build yourself up to something bigger within your current cushion. Opportunity is usually the real decision maker in taking risks for me personally.

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  • Athene Paroupoloulis 12/9/2008

    I agree, why would you stay in a low paying job if you are offered a new, higher paying job with more opportunity?

    If you are talented and smart, the new company will want to keep you on. I would take that risk.

    Besides, it seems like he wasn’t happy in the old job, otherwise he wouldn’t have considered leaving at all. I think he’ll be a lot happier at the new job. Good luck to him.

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