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Too Profitable Not To Sell

Recently I learned that a person I know actually got extremely lucky and was able to purchase about four tickets to the Vancouver Olympics 2010 Hockey game legitimately through the draws. It is actually for the gold game too to make it even more valuable.

He then made a point that he is going to just sell them as he doesn’t really want to see the game that bad. For what he can probably sell it for too, it was a little too hard for him to resist he mentioned. I’ve seen this happen many of times for hot items too.

For example, I’ve seen people ho lined up for hours buying this hot new release item. As they are about to head home with it, someone comes by and is willing to pay like 5 times the amount of the retail price for the item and so the person thinks that the offer is too silly not to accept.

That is something to think about if you are looking to make some extra money where if there are items that you don’t care too much about, researching about how much others would be willing to pay for it is not a bad idea at all.

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