Too Late For Not Supporting Potential Business Allies

Too Late For Not Supporting Potential Business Allies

This go me thinking as recently I was told how an individual has launched a new product where like most start-ups one would rely on word of mouth advertising. The usual strategy is to do some kind of outreach program by providing people free samples. As well, people would then tend to go those that they know such as friends and family members in hopes they will help spread the word. This was the interesting thing as some of those people within his network actually have their own platforms where they reach a large number of people.

In this case it seemed like it was moderate in terms of the audience size so the person won’t be an overnight sensation. Which makes you think, if he actually supported these people to help them grow when he had nothing to gain before, that in turn would mean he could have gotten more exposure now as their businesses would have potentially been bigger by now.

That’s kind of why a lot of people try and keep resources and wealth within their own network I would imagine because it ultimately benefits them as well. It would explain why many times it can be hard to get into certain industries or territories as people don’t want to give up their power and wealth to an outsider per se.

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