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Tipping Employees For Fast Food Service

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I often hear people talk about this a way to say that giving people tips should be your choice and not an expected requirement. Usually, people use fast food restaurants as an example on how no one ever tips those people and make complaints about it. Just today, for the first time I saw a fast food venue actually request for a tip.

Basically, it was a regular food court vendor at the mall as today I had to dine out. I used my credit card to make the purchase and when my card was placed into the machine you have to do things such as entering your pin number and approving the transaction. The first message it asks you was “how much are you tipping?”

I was very surprised at this and it seems like even the employees expected you to pay extra for it. This just made me wonder, so are people such as retail employees are going to ask you for tips now too when you go buy things at the supermarket? At this rate every service in every industry is going to have their special “tipping” requests or “essential fees” just to balance out the economy as everyone needs to make their money back while not wanting to feel “cheap” by saying no.

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