Tiny Bars of Chocolate Value Versus Regular Sized Ones
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Tiny Bars of Chocolate Value Versus Regular Sized Ones

The other day a person was telling me how they purchased these variety packs of candy that seemed to be catered for people to give out as Halloween candy. They are basically bite sized versions of the original candy bars such as a Aero And Kit Kat bars. But the package was apparently $5 where normally it was tagged at about $9. So it sounds like a bargain right.

But that’s what got me thinking. For Example, You can buy a regular full sized Aero bar for under one dollar. That full sized one is probably at least 10 of these tiny ones in the package. That makes it seem like this $5 variety pack is actually way more expensive to the point where you are paying for more packaging and getting variety in one box.

It actually reminds me of the price of three tiny juice boxes meant for kids while eating lunch versus buying a one to two litre size juice. The one litre can often be found for less than a dollar whereas three tiny juice boxes with less juice can often be around $2. So if you are buying these types of products because you think it’s a great value you may want to take another look.

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