Throwing Away or Wasting Things You Get For Free Habit
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Throwing Away or Wasting Things You Get For Free Habit

It was kind of fascinating to see recently of a person who was low on money for the month due to some unexpected expenses. The good thing was he actually had a ton of people offering to help such as actually buying him groceries to eat until he got back on his feet. Can’t ask for more right? The odd thing was how with some items like the groceries it seemed like because he got it for free he was being wasteful with it when normally he wouldn’t.

For example, cooking way more than he normally would where as a result he would end up throwing a lot of stuff away. That’s not like him too whenever he purchases his own groceries. So it’s kind of safe to conclude that because he didn’t buy it with his own money he didn’t really feel too compelled to treat it as if he spent his own money. Because like there throwing away food would literally be like throwing away his own money.

I guess that shows why it’s important to also appreciate the stuff you get from others. Whether it’s money or like here groceries you should treat it as if you are literally spending your own money. Otherwise you are kind of wasting valuable resources that you should be using like free venture capitalist money to start a business. It might not literally be your money but it’s an opportunity of sort you shouldn’t take for granted.

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