Throwing Away Food Items That Are Perfectly Okay
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Throwing Away Food Items That Are Perfectly Okay

Recently a person was showing me how they bought this jar of peanut butter that seemed gross to them as they bought one that was 100% natural with only peanuts. When you open the cover you can see that on the top there looks like a large pool of nothing but oil. Because of that they quickly put the jar of peanut butter over the sink to poor out the excess oil.

This is actually a waste of food as that is perfectly natural and a good part of the peanut butter. You are supposed to stir the oil and peanut butter to make it smooth again as pouring out the oil will result in a dryer product. What I did notice though is now some companies actually tell you this on the jar as well because like in this example people are throwing away stuff that they shouldn’t due to the perception of something being bad.

Just trying to imagine how much money we throw away where in many cases we pay a premium for natural and organic products like this where because we don’t know what natural looks like we assume it’s bad. We’ve been spoiled by all the perfect looking products in commercials and marketing materials huh? In many cases with food imperfections can at times actually mean a more organic product too.

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