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Those Killer Accessories

I was just researching about various add-ons for a camcorder to allow better shooting in say very bright settings and looking at the prices for these add-ons and accessories was kind of amazing. They almost cost a much as the camcorder itself in some cases such as buying different lens.

In some ways I’m not too surprised as accessories are usually marked up like crazy as a way to generate revenue from selling the main product with a very low profit margin. One thing that I usually try to do if I don’t know anyone that specifically specializes in the field to know how much the item is marked up by is to try and find wholesale price lists.

Usually they are meant for companies wanting to buy products to resell, but from a consumer point of view is often gives you a very good idea in terms of trying to find a good bargain. Example, if you were looking to buy a cord of some kind that was $10 and you see from a wholesaler that they sell twenty for $10, then at least you know most likely there is a better deal to be had.

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