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Thinking Your Work Is Harder Than Everyone Else

This was an odd situation as out in the open public today was this guy that seemed very agitated after a day of work. He was very mad as he wanted to get into the bus faster but people were walking at a normal pace. This resulted him going into a rant on how he works so hard in life and that everyone around him are lazy. A lady then felt compelled to respond by asking him to relax. This made him question if she even worked at all and if so what she did. She responded by saying “I do. I work with crazy people every day.” This got a reaction from a lot of people.

What this got me to think was how is it wise to see yourself as the harder worker in life compared to everyone else even if it was true in a sense? I always felt even from like a business point of view that having a mindset like that makes you focus too much in comparing yourself to others as opposed to just doing things to improve your situation. Like in this case I could only imagine how much energy the guy spends each day with those kinds of negative thoughts.

In some ways it adds a twist to the phrase of “mind your own business.” Instead of worrying so much about what others are doing that energy is probably better invested in doing something positive for yourself. I’d like to think too that if you think what you are doing is say too hard then you should find a way to make it work better for you. Especially if you are like self-employed as you are the boss.

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