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Thinking There Is Too Much Competition

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A person was telling me recently that he was interested in making applications for items like the iPhone once he gets out of school as a way to support himself financially in life as opposed to working at a regular nine to five job. Of course, this is more of the entrepreneur route I guess you can say. At the same time, he said that he is highly unlikely to do it as there just seems to be too much competition to be successful.

My immediate reaction were thoughts such as if you make something unique then there is no competition. That then got him thinking about it again in a more positive light. There is no reason to not do something just based on the sole fact that there are a lot of people competing in a particular industry I say. Many times too people just find ways to do things better, faster or cheaper as a way to break in. Or as mentioned, make something so unique that there is no competition.

As well, I guess the bottom line is you won’t ever know if you don’t at least try in terms of how successful you can be.

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