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Thinking Remotely First Instead of Traveling

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Today I did some work in helping a person with some technical website items where at first the plan was to actually meet the person at their office. With all the snow and travel time that it creates here at the moment it didn’t seem feasible as the person would need to be charged for extra incurred travel time for me to make the trip. So instead we agreed to simply do it over the phone and Internet.

For the most part it was almost the same as being in-person in many ways. I was able to explain everything and the person was able to try and do things hands-on with my guidance. I was then thinking why don’t people think of conducting meetings and stuff remotely as the first option instead of the second for simple things like this?

It just seems so much better with all the resources we have available nowadays to hold virtual meetings. Almost every online platform now also has the ability to do screen shares too if you are working with a computer. Is it simply the fact that people are too used to doing things the old way as they say? To me personally anyways unless there is a specific reason you have to be in-person such as physically installing an item taking advantage of the things we have to work remotely makes way more sense financially in many ways.

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