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Think of What You Would Like To Do First And Money Afterwards

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For some reason I have been receiving more e-mails and messages than normal from people asking for some advice and direction on things that they can do to make some extra money. Maybe I should start some kind of money making journey using as many different types of ways as possible in the future while documenting it as an educational type of thing. But in general, what gets me many times is how a lot of people tend to focus on the money making aspect of things first as oppose to focusing on doing something that they will enjoy.

I can’t stress that enough as if you just jump into something solely for the money then chances are you will lose your motivation in fully following through with your goal. Honestly, many times it takes awhile to get things going and if money was your sole motivation and fuel in doing something then you are going to have a hard time staying on track as you won’t really have anything to encourage you to keep moving forward.

So instead of trying to look for ways initially on how to make money, you should spend some time and really think what it is that you would want to do even if money wasn’t a factor. Once you figure that out, then you can try and research ways as to how you can possibly generate revenue with what it is that you have chosen to do.

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