Think Big And Kick Ass In Business And Life – Chapter 9
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Think Big And Kick Ass In Business And Life – Chapter 9

This chapter was focused on the issue of money overall and protecting your assets. It was all based around marriages though and was titled “I love you, sign this”. Trump talked about his marriages in the past and how he had a prenuptial agreement for all of them which protected his assets.

He used statistics such as 58% percent of marriages end up in a divorce and mentions that while it might not be the most romantic thing to do, in the event of a breakup it can save you from the ugly legal battles over money that could arise. There was one example he used which was kind of surreal where a rich and powerful person kept marrying and divorcing women and each time the person had to pay $50 million. The money part didn’t surprise me so much as oppose to one getting married so many times with the same outcome.

While it can go both ways when you think about it where the prenuptial could be used as a way to take advantage of someone or to protect themselves from being taken advantage of, I guess the usual debate is the guilt factor it would play for a lot of people. Example, one of those “If you need that it means you don’t trust me” type of deal.

In many ways I always viewed various types of contracts as a good way to help discourage any rash decisions too. It’s like those times where people throw and break things when there are mad. If they knew for sure it would be costly throwing/breaking a certain item because of some kind of penalty/stipulation, they are more inclined to not do it which can provide the necessary time to really think about what they are about to do.

This is one topic that people can debate about all day depending on one’s philosophy. You either view marriage like a business partnership or a fairy tale I guess you can say.

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