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Think Big And Kick Ass In Business And Life – Chapter 7

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“Big Mo!” was the chapter title and it was a fairly good read I thought. It revolved around how momentum can either bring you vast success or extreme consequences in life.

He talks about a person named William Levitt who made it big building houses post world war II era who then sold his company for a lot of money. Years later of mostly living life, the company he sold was doing bad and he decided to re-purchase it as he wanted to get back into the industry. However, he didn’t achieve the same success and instead ended up losing everything with the main reason being that he loss momentum.

Trump then talks about how every little thing you do builds momentum and that it is really important for beginners to keep at it. At the same time, in general he emphasized how once you have it you have to keep doing something to continually move it or else you will lose it. That is so true I thought as many times people simply ride off the success of the past only to then wonder why everything crashed all of a sudden.

Afterwards, he dived into how you should deal with adversities in life and to use these incidents to make yourself strong. There was another topic about momentum about how when you have momentum everyone wants to be a part of it. Zanker had a story on how since his business uses motivational speakers and so fourth, with the success of that “Secret” DVD he started to capitalize on that by getting speakers from there to appear in his seminars which in hence gave his business a lot of attention.

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