Think Big And Kick Ass In Business And Life – Chapter 5
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Think Big And Kick Ass In Business And Life – Chapter 5

When I read the title of this chapter “Fear Factor” I thought it was going to deal with the typical you can’t let fear stop you from doing things. Instead, it dealt more with the fact that when you are successful everyone wants to take you down. Trump used some very interesting examples such as another realtor who he was treating very well only to see him turn around to try and take money from him. He also mentioned that he was debating whether or not to fight back as it would be an expensive matter to pursue and eventually he did so as it was the principles of the whole situation.

Trump then talked a lot about managing and hiring employees with an emphasis that loyalty was one of the most important traits that he values in a person not just in business but life in general. I have a very interesting story on how I developed a personality of being loyal which I may write about in a later date.

The rest of it kind of dived into how you have to earn respect from others and forgive people over honest mistakes and used that Tara Conner event as an example. At the same time, you should not forgive a crook. This chapter was a little confusing I thought in terms of the theme. An interesting line was used in this chapter to say how you have to watch your back in life which stated “Lions kill for food, humans kill for sport”.

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