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Think Big And Kick Ass In Business And Life – Chapter 4

“Creating Luck” was the subject this time around. Trump basically just divulged into how some people believe you are born lucky while others say you create it. He then quoted a phrase that I have heard before where a famous golf player named Gary Player once had a spectacular finish on a golf course and when he was told that he was so lucky he replied with the phrase “The harder I work, the luckier I get”.

He then talked about the power of positive thinking and how it can create a lot of success for you. At the same time, he mentions the importance of factoring in negative thinking as well because like most things in life you need balance. Overall though, the message seemed to be more about not dwelling on circumstances and to guide your way through life and all its unexpected challenges.

Bill Zanker had an interesting story where he had a marketing stunt to throw $10,000 worth of money off the Empire State Building which caught the attention of the media and sure enough loads of people went to surround the building during the day of the event. The funny thing was there were two people who were oblivious to this and decided to rob the bank in the building that same day.

As you may have presumed, they ran out of the bank with bags of money and were immediately greeted by a load of media and bystanders. He never did get to throw the money apparently, but there was a big enough spectacle that he got a lot of publicity over it which still accomplished the original goal. That sure is an example of good luck and bad luck huh?

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