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The Week To Finish All The Holiday Shopping By

I personally think if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping already by this week then you should find a way to do so. While you may be waiting for a special deal to come out at the last minute, to me the time and frustration of finding the things you want by fighting the crowd may not be worth worth saving a few dollars for. I almost feel like if you haven’t been able to get all your gifts now that things like Black Friday and Cyber Monday has passed it’s almost time to simply get it if you see it at a regular retail price.

For me at least, these next few weeks before the holiday is more of a casual shopping mindset where if I see something nice as like an extra stocking stuffer then I would get it. It’s just been from my experience that a lot of stores often price gouge at these times to take advantage of last minute shoppers. So you just have to be a little savvier and shop the weeks before during the big sales events.

Or here in Canada at least, some people have just adopted the mindset of shopping after Christmas as the sales event boxing day happens the day after. It’s a good idea to save money. But for the sake of the holiday spirit I am sure most people want to exchange the gifts on the actual holiday. Even if you are shopping online it’s like the cut-off week for places like Amazon for some areas to get your gift s by Christmas. Unless you want to pay the higher shipping prices. So time to get cracking if you want to save time, money and your sanity.

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