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The Ulterior Business Motives

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Recently I read about a person that had a pretty huge following where when he tells people to do something many will as they hope to duplicate his success. Basically, it’s like a millionaire saying that he reads a certain book everyday and so everybody decides to buy that book too in hopes to reach a similar level of wealth that he has.

There seemed to be a lot of people upset as previously he signed up for some kind of venture. He was preaching everyone to do the same where they would sign up under him and that he would help everyone as the key to success is to help others. If you really think about it, he would benefit from the exposure saying how he has a huge customer/audience base.

I guess you all know where this is leading to. Essentially, once he got what he wanted, the audience base, you could tell that he could care less about everyone that was following him like a sheep. In fact, he then changed his perspective on what it takes to be successful. With this same venture, he then says his new key to success is to only help a core group of people out of your large audience base and to focus on them. Hence, that kind of gives him a cop out now to not spend time with the thousands of people that abided to his methods while still benefiting from it as enough people still cling on. It’s like a numbers game.

I personally found a funny way to distinguish people like these which has worked fairly well for me in sorting people out. Basically, I just read about how they spend their money. Really is that simple. If they constantly publish literature bragging or gloating about say the expensive meals that they eat everyday or how they own such expensive gear that is the tip off for me. Basically, it shows me that in many ways they are all about making fast money. So, the common sense thing would be if they in any way benefit from you following their expert advice for success that you are being used to help them do just that.

In the end I understand that people do things like that because just like a business their goal is to make money. Nothing wrong with that as I believe everyone needs to be rewarded for their efforts. But obviously, you don’t want to be taken for a ride like with the example above.

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