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The Rich Jerk Empire Being Sold

I thought this was an interesting event that is occurring. I guess like most people who use the Internet a lot, you have most likely come across some kind of advertisement about that Rich Jerk site or e-book where it is suppose to teach you ways on how to make money. It is basically presented in an arrogant way with a character implying that he makes so much money through these techniques that he rightfully can look down on others and so fourth. It now appears that the business is being sold on the Bizquest.

After reading some extra details about this, it appears that the business spent a lot of money advertising in places such as the Howard Stern shown. Now apparently, the main reason that it is being sold is a result of it almost going bankrupt. While I don’t know the exact details, I thought this was interesting in the sense that regardless of how much money you may have, this just kind of reminds me of all those other stories of people simply blowing all of their money due to their financial decisions.

Another thing this kind of reminded me of is all these boasters that I have met that say they have so much money while flaunting it everywhere they go. In many cases, those people end up being broke and I can only imagine how embarrassing that can be in trying to ask for help afterwards from the same people that they were antagonizing before.

As mentioned before, from my experience most financially established people don’t really want to mention that they are say wealthy. Not only that, but they try to help others while trying to make a positive impact to the people around them. In that sense, it kind of surprises me in some ways on how this rich jerk approach has generated a lot of business obviously.

Comments to The Rich Jerk Empire Being Sold

  • I gotta question…

    Whatever happened to the NEW infomercial that all the so called Rich Jerk Live Event attendees were supposed to be apart of?

    Hey whatever happened to the Rich Jerk Live Event for that matter? How come nobody is talking about it? It was supposed to be sold out!

    Why would you sell the company and none of the dvd’s of seminar footage, etc. has been released yet? Did it really happen? Tickets were supposed to be like $10-Grand a piece. He was pushing it like it was his last meal and then you hear nothing. What happened to all of that? It sounded like he was cooking up an EXIT STRATEGY. Grab as much cash as I can with a high ticket item and then close the doors. Or maybe a last ditch effort to save the company.

    Now he’s practically begging for money for tickets to some party at the Playboy Mansion that has nothing to do with internet marketing. He’s asking people on his list to name a price that they are willing to pay for a ticket? This guy is desperate. Are you selling sex or internet strategies for making obscene amounts of cash?

    Rich Jerk here’s a tip: Instead of spending $250,000 that you don’t have on a playboy party, why don’t you invest it in some REAL CONTENT on your evolution site where you haven’t made a real update in 90 days, besides the other content being basically worthless.

    Carlos 6/2/2007 2:56 pm

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