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The Really Special Age Occasion Spending

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Today I was having a conversation that got me a little skeptical as I was talking to a person about chipping in for a surprise as it was the person’s birthday. It was one of those “really” special ages I guess you can say as it seems like everyone believes that every age within multiples of 10’s means you must give something extra special. So it’s like saying if at 29 you would normal give the person a party or gift at 30 you would then spend something crazy.

This made me wonder how times like these end up messing people’s finances. For example, while one would normally set aside like maybe up to $50 for a gift all of a sudden people in the group will say they must do something more and then you just end up spending like $200 instead. I don’t think most people actually prepare for situations like this too and I often see that people usually just spend it anyways due to pressure. Emergency funds for presents and gifts sounds a little too odd too.

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