The Price You Pay For Packaging
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The Price You Pay For Packaging

Just the other day I was looking to buy some oatmeal and most of the time I just get those boxes that come with small packets in them. The price is usually a little over $3 with the amount you get being a little over 300g of oatmeal. I then noticed the exact same brand except the product was in a larger bag packaging and it contained about 2.25KG of oatmeal. The price for this was about $5.50.

That is a pretty ridiculous difference when you think about it. With that calculation, that’s almost as if you would have to buy the smaller packages 7.5 times or spend about $22.5 to get pretty much the same thing as the other one. I know it is usually cheaper to buy in larger volumes too, but the difference in that is pretty enormous.

I know fruits and vegetables are usually kind of similar in terms of the price difference when it comes to packaged and non packaged ones. For example, I often see these packaged apples where there are literally only four of them and it costs almost $5. They aren’t any bigger than those 59 cent a pound ones either.

The only time I really care about packaging is if for some reason I am trying to determine if the product is genuinely new or in good shape. Example, shopping in a store where they sell used products and me not wanting to get tricked into buying a used item as new. Other than that, it’s usually about getting the best value.

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