The Power of Personal Connections

The Power of Personal Connections

Today I was researching about how this one company managed to convince other businesses to give him permission to use their intellectual properties to create his own content. This would be for commercial reasons and this isn’t exactly a small time business. Sure enough, initially when he tried he simply got flat out rejected. Regardless of how much number crunching or pitching he tried to do they simply swayed him off.

So guess what he did which ultimately played the key factor in landing the deal? Essentially, he discovered that the person in charge of approving or disapproving these types of proposal happened to know a former teacher of his. So with that tiny personal connection that the other person knew as well it got the approver to take him more seriously and eventually he was able to get the deal that he wanted.

Kind of crazy how one simple personal connection can mean so much more than any numbers, figures or creative idea that you can think of huh? Never forget all the people you have met in your life I suppose and how they may play into your future endeavors in one form or another.

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