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The Numbers More For Image In The Beginning

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So I have been working away at this video project and for the most part is fun and it’s great growing an audience utilizing skills that I already have. Usually when you are starting out like in most things your visibility is almost non existent and people are afraid to support you unless they see that there are a lot of others who are as well. Like in this case there are things such as view counters which visibility wise shows others how popular the item is.

I recognized that and so in the beginning what I did was I started to do as much online networking as possible with one of the focus was to specifically increase the view regardless if the person was going to be long-term or not. Sure enough, once the numbers got higher people just seemed to have a group think type of mentality where they were more prone to watch or subscribe to the channel. I always remember one saying where you can’t sell a good product if no one even knows it exists.

While technically big numbers may not mean much such as if you have a room of a million people with no money at your store, in the beginning just having that type of visual presence in terms of how busy it looks can enable you so much more opportunity to grow. Of course, with that comes the follow up where you need to deliver once you have respectable numbers that wins most people’s confidence.

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