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The Notion of Using It Till The End

This past week I saw some people who were using a boat for fishing it seems. The real strange thing was that the boat looked pretty worn out and it was apparently it had a hole in. As a result, water would creep into it occasionally in small increments. There were three people in it and they literally had one person scooping out the water to make sure that the boat did not sink.

I actually asked one of the person afterwards on why they didn’t buy another boat instead or at minimum pay to have the hole fixed. The person said that it wasn’t too big of a deal and that the cost of fixing it wasn’t worth it as the problem isn’t big enough yet to warrant the cost of repairing it. In a sense, the mentality was if they had to pay all this money fixing something that you may as well truly wear it out first to get the full value of the replacement.

That’s really hardcore for this situation I’d say. The main type of items that I personally would still use until it was no good anymore, so to speak, are electronic products like a television set. For example, if the TV is showing its age such as you see a little blur in the corner now I would still use it until it truly died.

I think as a kid clothes would normally be candidates for that mentality in an extreme way such as I didn’t necessarily need a new pair of socks right away just because of one small hole or other items like a shoe that has a small tear.

Pens are the best everyday examples I think where it is does make sense to try and use it till the end. In most cases, people never truly use all of the ink and end up using new ones all the time if they experience the slightest problem with it. In general, it can be a great mindset to have in various circumstances to save yourself money.

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