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The Notion of Charging Money People If You Are Too Busy

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The other day I realized that I had a huge backlog of enquiries from people as there is a project where I openly volunteer to give people tips and advice based on my experience and opinions on various subjects. Essentially, the requests have gotten pretty large to the point that you would possibly need to treat it like a full time job just to get through everything.

Now I know one big factor of all these requests is because it is free and so many people figure why not. Of course many things ran through my my mind such as thinking of better ways to try and expedite everything or even seeing if I can get volunteer help. Out of the blue I was just thinking what some people do as well where when their time gets this demanding they often go with the fee route where they charge people as if this is now their career.

While it makes sense in many ways, I must say it would feel a little weird in this case to do so considering this is something that I started as a way to just help people. I guess it is the equivalent to a person starting a feed he hungry type of program and then just because the demand is high then all of a sudden they turn it into a restaurant business of sort. One of the odd situations in life where charging people money in these cases just feels a weird.

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