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The Non Perfect Choices

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The other day I was reading a bit about these local grocery stores as it can be a little mind boggling on why say the same types of fruits and vegetables are so much cheaper from these small places compared to the larger chain stores. While the first reaction is that the operating costs are simply more expensive, interestingly enough the suppliers that these stores get the products from are the same except there are sometimes these small cosmetic flaws to them where they are willing to sell them for cheaper.

For example, there could be an apple that is not as shiny as the other one and so small stores often buy these ones for a cheaper price and therefore can afford to sell it cheaper to the consumer. It’s kind of crazy to see discounts as high as 60% based mostly on the notion that one thing might have like a little colour flaw. Makes you wonder how much money you could save on so many other products that aren’t perfect but does as it is intended. Don’t confuse this with people trying to sell say spoiled and expired items of course.

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