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The Exclusive Clubs That Come Up When You Have Money

Recently a person was telling me that he got offered to attend this special session that was hosted and paid for by his bank that was supposed to teach people what they can do when it comes to investing their money. The person has well over $300,000 in pure savings in the bank and so this apparently placed him in a special club of sort to receive that offer.

My first reaction was that this sounded like a way for the bank to try and get the person to invest with them as the bottom line is that they wanted his money since to them he has plenty to spare. At the same time, I guess this was an example on how when you have the money all these clubs and exclusive offers will start to come to you naturally and that you have to be extra careful about using up your funds in such things.

I guess on the flip side if you are savvy enough you can just take all of the free offers that come your way without having to spend a penny. Example, like in this case receiving free accommodations. Just can’t let it get to your head I guess where people will butter you up to the point that you spend for the sake of maintaining a status of sort.

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