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The Difference Being The Presentation For Engagement

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I was watching some magic acts for fun the other day online where you could also read comments from people who have viewed them as well. While to me they were very impressive and entertaining a lot of magicians were commenting how many of the acts are extremely old and basic. However, what is impressive is how people have modernized the presentation into something that people can quickly relate to they said where it just seems like something completely new. For example, basic card tricks where people present it with a lot of sounds and visual effects to further the illusion.

It did make sense too where at times I see other magicians who literally do the exact same trick where it just doesn’t seem as engaging. This relates to virtually every other product or service offering too in many ways. A lot of times people are literally selling you the exact same thing where it’s some kind of marketing or branding that gets you to buy it over others. This is probably more important for artists I suppose in many ways.

Reminds of how some people complain where they were lured to buy a product simply because it was packaged differently even though inside is the same thing they have always gotten. Can this relate to something like a consulting business? In many ways yes such as simply having references to different languages and cultures. It just takes that one thing for people to be engaged with what you offer regardless of how vanilla the actual item is. For example, one guy could be walking through an office in his ad as he gives his pitch whereas another guy could be walking through a town geared towards a specific culture saying the exact same thing. Think of the ways you can present things differently to engage people.

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