The Deal Versus The Real Value of The Item

The Deal Versus The Real Value of The Item

While flipping through the newspaper I saw this advertisement about a combo deal for a fast food restaurant where if you bought a certain amount of items you would get one dollar off a large sized drink. I suppose number wise it sounds like a great deal as that is a little over 60% off the original price.

I immediately thought though, aren’t things like beverages usually overpriced in these types of places? Like in this scenario, it’s not too far fetched that you could buy say two litres of the same thing at a store for the same price. That is probably worth at least four cups worth of large drinks. In that sense, it kind of makes more sense to just buy the food items that you wanted and just buy the drink from the store instead as that is a better deal.

Makes sense doesn’t it? I think this is also one of those cases where you have to start thinking for yourself on what is truly a good deal based on the numbers as oppose to relying on businesses to tell you what a good deal is.

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