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The Cost of Service Versus Buying Your Own Equipment

It’s not uncommon to hear people commenting how they think buying certain services are so expensive where you could probably do it yourself for so cheap. A funny example I heard today was a haircut. There was a person who simply shaved his head bald all the time and spent about $30 to have a person do it for him. There was this guy that was so dumbfounded about that notion as he was saying for $30 you could probably buy the best stuff to do it yourself with just as good results and have money left over.

I always ponder about that when deciding whether to pay for expensive services. I know a time that many people make decisions to simply do the stuff themselves are during weddings. For example, if a person does not already own a video camera the common debate I usually hear is if it is worth spending say $2000+ on a videographer or simply use that money to invest in your own equipment to then do it yourself. As well, you could use it in the future.

I often find that buying your own equipment is usually the better investment as long as you are technically competent in using the item. Or that you would be willing to take the time to learn it which is usually the biggest obstacle I’d say.

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