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The Cost of Keeping Older Vehicles Just In Case

Not too long ago my brother bought a new vehicle to adapt to his growing family and as a result his old vehicle has been sitting in the garage and is being kept as a just in case type of vehicle. Interesting thing is the thing seems to be a pain to maintain which costs money still as if you don’t use the vehicle then things like the battery tend to die faster.

Vehicles usually are a money drainer and it’s jut kind of humorous I thought where even if you don’t use it in this case it still costs money. He did consider just selling it before since it is all paid off. I think that is a big reason why a lot of people would want to keep it too since you worked hard to purchase something like this and so it feels like you are just throwing away all that effort that you put into it in some respects.

I suppose in the other light it probably is cheaper and safer than trying to buy a used vehicle if you do for whatever reason needed another one.

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