The Ability For Others To Do It

The Ability For Others To Do It

It’s Halloween today and for one reason or another there was this TV show called Recipe To Riches on TV where essentially everyday people attempt to share their home recipes for a chance to have it made into a store product. One thing that caught my attention was a point was brought up to the contestants that while they themselves may be able to make the product the question is how well can other people create it without their help?

That’s something that we often overlook I suppose where when we have great ideas we don’t really think if others can just as easily duplicate what we do. When you think about it that is a key factor on how many businesses become giants. But I know most people instead have the mentality that if others can do what they do then they have no future as that means they aren’t unique. Kind of two conflicting ways of thinking huh?

I think it comes down to the fact that the idea itself has to be unique but when it comes to the execution of the idea anyone should be able to duplicate it. Almost reminds me in school when teachers would tell you why Mcdonalds is such a successful business. Although I must say, was sure weird watching a show like this during Halloween as I thought there would be more ‘spooky” stuff on.

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