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Terasen Gas Will Lose Its Monopoly Giving BC Residents Choice

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The Vancouver Sun had an article today mentioning how on May the 1st BC residents here will finally get to choose a natural gas provider. This was part of the front page news today as you can see here:

Competition should be great for the market I think as it gives people another way to possibly save some money on their monthly bills. Terasen gas used to be known as BC Gas just for all those who remember. By May 1st apparently there will be seven providers and the new players will be the following:

1) Energy Services BC
2) CEG Energy Options Inc.
3) Access Gas Services Inc.
4) Direct Energy Marketing Limited
5) MxEnergy Canada Ltd.
6) Universal Energy Corporation

I wonder how many telemarketing calls or brochures people are going to start receiving as a result of this.

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