Teaching Toys And Game Collecting As An Investment For Kids
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Teaching Toys And Game Collecting As An Investment For Kids

While reading some articles on the value of Pokémon cards recently it got me to think whether or not teaching kids to simply collect items while maintaining them in pristine condition would be a good way to encourage a hobby that may generate a lot of money in the distant future. For example, some cards could easily sell for a six-figure range.

There are two examples that made me think about this in my personal life where it would have been a good item. As a child I used to buy hockey cards for fun as apparently that’s what every kid was doing. You would buy a pack of cards for about a dollar and then actually compete against other people to win their cards. To play this game two people would stand say two metres away from a wall an each person would throw one card. Whoever’s card lands closest to the wall would result in the winner taking the cards.

As you can image, throwing cards against the wall would result in cards getting damaged to the point where the value of it would decrease significantly. Then in the future I was watching shows that talked about how certain cards were selling for thousands of dollars. You can image my thought where when you think about it we were all essentially throwing away thousands of dollars.

Funny enough, when I heard that Pokémon playing cards were coming out at the time I was contemplating because of all that on how maybe I should just buy a bunch of cards and stash them away. For one reason or another I never did and that was definitely a mistake today. The main reason was because I didn’t ply the card game but rather the actual video game.

But thinking back, if my parents encouraged me to say have fun collecting stuff like this it might not be such a bad idea. It makes you think where if you have kids would this be wise and easy thing to encourage young people to do where it could be even better than just teaching them to save plain money as an example?

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