Targeting A Specific Ethnic Audience

Targeting A Specific Ethnic Audience

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I saw an advertisement today for a company that seemed to offer fitness and health type of services. Nothing out of the ordinary it seemed except the name of its programs is what caught my attention. For example, having things like a “Morning run” is pretty common. But in this case it was called something like “The Asian morning run plan.” Literally all if its plans and services had the word Asian in it.

So of course they are probably targeting Asians specifically even though realistically what they were offering was the same as others with that that kind of label. Almost like selling bottled tap water and saying yours is Asian for some reason. But it does make you think if targeting a specific ethnic background with your product or services can help you stand out. Because many times people will just go to the one that appears to be identifying with them specifically.

Heck, I have even heard people doing that when it comes to voting in elections. Essentially, people who have no real idea of the candidates and will simply vote for whoever has the same ethnic background as them. So while this sounds silly I guess you can’t deny it works in many ways.

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