Tangerine $50 Referral Bonus
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Tangerine $50 Referral Bonus

Apparently ING Direct is operating under a new identity now known as Tangerine bank. In an effort to get people to try its banking services they are offering $50 to any new customers who opens up an account while depositing $100.


From what I read, the catch is you have to be a new customer who has never opened an account and you must have a referral code or an “Orange Key”. This apparently only works for a no-fee savings or chequing account. I decided to try it out and here is my code you can use too which is 42999729S1.

I was actually thinking of this referral bonus and it seems like the code will work for up to 50 people. Everyone probably has the same idea on whether or not you can just open the account, get the bonus and take everything out after if you don’t like the service. I honestly can’t see why not as from a company point of view this this is basically $50 they would have spent in other forms of marketing to try and get customers.

The common example I read was say a household of three people where everyone opens up an account which would equal to about $250 of bonus money based on my calculations. Maybe not a bad idea as that is like ten minutes of work. For me it was an incentive to look around the features of this bank a bit. It does seem like the parent bank of all this is Scotiabank here in Canada.

Here is the link to sign up if you want to try this for the free $50:


Referral Code:

Orange Key Code 42999729S1

Let me know if you are someone who used the code too as it would be interesting to see how fast people get the bonus. As well, this code only works for fifty people to my knowledge so other people will have to give some out if it runs out.

Little Update:

I was surprised at how fast they processed the bonus. Here is a sample of it for everyone who is wondering what the confirmation would look on the statement when you get the free $50.

Tangerine Bank $50 Bonus Deposit


  • carmen 10/6/2015

    Hi, so was wondering did you use your own orange key when you signed up or someone else’s to get the referral bonus?

  • Alan Yu 10/6/2015


    I only got a key after I signed up. So you have to use a friend’s initially for the bonus. So far everyone that has used the key told me they have got the referral bonus pretty quick which is great to hear.

  • Max 12/12/2016

    This is such a B.S. ad. I did it. Had a hole big back and forth through email when they didn’t come through with the 50. They finally said that if I could get my friends to sign up they would give me 50 for that. I said…. in no way am I going to expose people to your B.S. All I will do is warn them about you. And I have been.
    I sent whoever posted the bs ad a link to what I posted. They had some flunky all day via email threatening legal action and other bs. Avoid that company like the plague.
    Was also emailed by several others that got the same run around. If you can’t trust them don’t use them.

  • Alan Yu 12/13/2016


    I’m sorry but your comment is really confusing as this is not an “ad” and everyone who has done everything as stated in the post seemed to have gotten their credit.

    After my own due dillgence though I did notice you posted this same message on different sites which makes me question your motivation for posting this here as your message seems to be like a copy and paste.

    As well too if you claim you have done everything correctly post all the necessary information here to prove it for all to see as well as your back and fourth communication. I don’t work for this bank or anything but even I would be curious just as a blogger to see what is going on and I am pretty positive I can bring some attention to it.

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