Talk Shows Shutting Down Due To Writers Guild Strike

Talk Shows Shutting Down Due To Writers Guild Strike

This was kind of surprising as I did hear before how there is going to be a writer’s strike which should affect film productions as an example. But one thing I read today was how late-night talk shows were simply shutting down immediately as well because of this strike. Now obviously there is someone writing the materials for the host in which this would affect. But you would think a talk show which normally has things such as interviews could at least carry on to a certain extent.

Imagine if supermarkets closed down because all snack providers have decided to go on strike and not ship out products. Like there you would assume they would still open and sell what they can such as groceries. It does make you think business wise how crazy that is where a show with so much different variety of content cannot exist with just one department huh?

I’m surprised the host themselves can’t come up with some material in the meantime. Unless this is being done in a solidarity support type of manner of course.

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