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Taking Your Losses To Maintain Your Reputation

Earlier in the month I decided to acquire the services of a company to do a simple printing job as I wanted to display my company’s name on the outside of the office entrance window along with the lobby listing in the building. There was a place nearby that just happened to do this and so I went and paid for the printing to be done and was told it would take about five days as they just needed to get the right paper to do so and from there it would be fast to simply type and print it out. The good thing too I thought was that I talked directly with the owner who gave me a run down about his business in general and the other things he was able to do in-house as well which made me more confident about the purchase.

The interesting thing too afterwards was that I found out that a person in my company actually knew another person that worked at that place. I thought that was even better as that should be even more of an incentive for them to do a good job. A week went by and still there was no sign of the job being done. Apparently, the reason was that the company who they originally got the paper from was charging them more than usual and so they had to find a new vendor. Now normally I would be a little less patient considering they did take my money already, but since the person in my company knew them I was more understanding.

Weeks went by again and still there was nothing. My worker then found out the real story where that company actually outsourced that type of printing job entirely and that they were being charged more than usual by their original provider where they would have to do it at a loss now as they already charged me a certain amount to cover the expected cost while making a profit. Since I paid with a credit card and still till this date the job has still not been done, I’m almost thinking of just doing a chargeback.

What amazes me is how they don’t realize that them trying to save say a measly $20 can end up costing them thousands. For myself honestly, I can’t ever recommend them to anyone else within the business community after this incident. While the situation is understandable in some ways, it’s not really excusable I’d say and the customer shouldn’t have to be the one to pay for it. That is an important lesson too I think for anyone who runs a business. It can be less expensive in the long run to just take the loss in a situation where you promised to deliver something but could not because at the end of the day it is your reputation that will continue to generate business for you and trust is not something that you can just buy back.

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