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Taking Work Breaks Before or After Everything Is Done

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I was thinking today as I had a lot of stuff to do where usually my habit is to finish everything at once before taking a break of sort. Usually when you are in the zone and focused on the task I find that taking a break can kind of kill the flow or momentum that I have. For whatever reason I decided to take a traditional break today in between my workflow and it made me think how much more time it takes to finish the task.

For example, having to reboot everything back, remembering where you last left off, etc. I guess in many ways that’s why people do things such as leaving everything on, but in general I felt that I lost the momentum too which made me work slower. Do you ever think of things like this when it comes to taking breaks while working?

Oddly enough I was even thinking back at many jobs I actually preferred to work the whole shift if possible and get off early even though the companies technically are not supposed to do that. For example, if it was a six hour shift with a half hour break many times I preferred to work like five and half hours and then leave in the last thirty minutes as if that was my break. For myself anyways I always had a lot of energy to go through it this way.

Even there I often found that taking the break and going back kind of makes you lose that energy as if you have been sitting on a bench too long during a sports game. Obviously working for others you should probably abide by standards as to not get them into trouble even if you can do it. But how about in a self-employed environment where you are your own boss? Which do you prefer?

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