Taking Time To Explore Local Stores
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Taking Time To Explore Local Stores

I had some extra time in an area today where I decided to walk around the local shops to see what was offered. I usually find this to be a great way to find deals and small stores can often have dramatically lower prices for groceries at times. That seemed to be the case here where there were so many items listed for say one dollar where larger stores would easily charge over three dollars for them. The quality looked good too as sometimes the trade off is the product doesn’t look as nice than what supermarkets would normally sell.

It reminds how one lady was questioning how I was able to find so man deals constantly which reminded her how she knew someone that decided to ditch the car and walk more. Apparently by doing so he just naturally walked by more grocery stores while decided to see what’s on sale. She expressed how he then told her how excited he constantly was to find such great deals.

It sounds so simple but it’s something not many of us do frequently as we are accustomed to driving from one place to another for the sake of time.

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