Taking Phone Contract Renewals or Let Them Expire
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Taking Phone Contract Renewals or Let Them Expire

I was thinking the other day as I haven’t signed a long-term contract with a phone provider for years as my monthly rate is very good where I don’t need to renegotiate anything. Usually though, if you sign up for a two year deal for your cell phone provider they would provide you with a free phone as a bonus. So because all these years I never bothered to lock myself in even though I have been with them for more than a decade I could have gotten a bunch of new smartphones for free.

It didn’t require any change in what I was paying either. So why didn’t I do it? Mainly it was because I thought the next year maybe there would be a phone that I actually really wanted. So if I took the offer the current year I could have wasted my credit offer. So each year I just left it pretty much. A lot of people would normally say you shouldn’t lock yourself into these things. But in this case that was a mistake huh?

Granted most of the free phones you would get are older models. But I could have even gave them away to people as well.

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