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Taking Once In A Lifetime Opportunities Right Away or Not

Sunny drone shot

Today I was reading this story on regular civilians that have been selected to go into space which many would agree it’s an experience virtually anyone would love to do. What was kind of interesting though is how when one person received the news that she had been selected apparently she had to double check if it would be okay to do so. Of course in the end she gave the green light to be able to go.

But in cases like this imagine you got the opportunity to do this which meant having to put your business on hold. To add to the dilemma that could potentially mean losing thousands of dollars in sales as you have to shut down the operation temporarily. Would you still immediately jump at this opportunity despite that?

I am incline to say I would just go for it as the experience is probably so much more valuable in many ways. I remember one person told me before that one of his biggest regrets in life was not doing more when he was younger as he came to realize that money could always be made. But those experiences you miss out on may never come to you again. I would imagine so many people would be understanding too while trying to accommodate to it. I know I wouldn’t want to be the reason that someone missed out in travelling to space as an example.

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