Taking Cheap Tools or Temporary Treats Based on Value
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Taking Cheap Tools or Temporary Treats Based on Value

The other day while walking through the mall a cell phone store had this spin to win game where if you spin the wheel and it lands on a prize you will win. A lot of the prizes were related to having to sign up for a cell phone services such as if you sign up for a two year contract you could get a zero dollar down payment as an example or maybe three months free. I spun it and landed on the instant winner prize. It wasn’t a new cell phone or anything like that.

The person then presented me with a basket of items that I could get for free. It costed of either a small candy cane or a cell phone holder for a car it seems. Thinking about it even though I had no use for it, I decided to just get the cell phone holder. My reasoning was that maybe in the future someone I know would need it and the candy would literally be gone in a few minutes.

I usually try and opt to take items that have some kind of long-term value. But I know many that would just opt for the candy as an example. I think the only way I would have opted for the candy in this case is if it was clearly a higher valued candy. Instead of what seems like a twenty five cent small candy cane I may have considered it if it was a small box of them as an example. Could be a fun stocking stuffer too. Whichever one has the better value if I don’t see an immediate use for either.

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