Taking Away What You Don’t Want

Taking Away What You Don’t Want

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I was at a restaurant today and the person I was with wanted to order this specific meal. It was a combo of sort expect there were some items he didn’t want. Therefore, he asked if anyone wanted it as he was just going to throw it away if no one wanted. It was then suggested to him that he ask if the item could be replaced with something else or if they could take it off the meal order in order to get a discount.

He was kind of apprehensive about it at first saying no way they would budge. However, after he was convinced to do so. To his surprised, they told him they could simply slash about $1 off his bill if he didn’t want the item. This surprised him o much that companies would actually do that yet so many people are usually more than willing to substitute or partially refund your purchases like these. You’d be surprised too as many times in retail stores those bundles they list aren’t really factory bundles but rather just purchases that the store put together. That makes it even easier to take out stuff that you don’t really want.

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