Taking Advantage of What Works

Taking Advantage of What Works

I read an interesting interview today about this person who was super desperate for money and didn’t really know what to do. However she did know one thing where she knew that there was an opportunity to take advantage of the success of other’s by simply regurgitating popular news, so to speak. Almost like writing stories about hot and current news where you know people would be searching for it.

Since the audience is mostly male based I guess you can say she took advantage of this by using sex appeal to draw in a crowd. The strange thing when you think about it is how she openly admits to it too where she doesn’t really do anything unique but that things like sex sells and yet people still do as she expected and hence she now makes a very comfortable living out of it. Kind of makes you think at times if you are that person trying to be so creative and unique where small factors like that can conquer all.

While it doesn’t necessarily mean like in that case it must mean the answer is to put more sex appeal, but rather like with that you do have to think about what really produces the results and if you are ignoring it a bit too much where by the time you do something the other person would have taken everything already.

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