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Taking Advantage of Student Deals Before You Leave School

Today I was reading about all these Adobe software and how people were trying to compare the regular versions that are sold to regular users and ones that are supposed to be available to only teachers and students where they receive a hefty educational discount. Just as an example, you can purchase a full retail version of Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection for about $2600 or purchase the academic version for about $650. That is a pretty huge price difference.

Granted there is a difference where apparently the product can’t be upgraded. Other than that, both versions are exactly the same. The most interesting thing is how there is even a frequently asked question section on the site where it mentions “Yes. You may purchase a Student and Teacher Edition for personal as well as commercial use.”

That’s something to really think about not just when it comes to software I say. Imagine all the money you can save while you are still a student for example if you plan to use these types of products for your future business or career. Something to think about and research in terms of trying to save yourself the most money an giving you a head start using the heavy discounts that are available.

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